If you love the flavor of homemade bake and enjoy filling your house with the scent of fresh bread, this is the bread-making machine for you. You might consider an upgrade to this machine if you are already a user of a smaller bread maker and think about boosting the loaf size. Obtaining a bread maker after years of using the oven offers new opportunities for bakery artists, empowering them to create more varieties of delicious breads. If you are used to making your bread in the traditional manner, imagine cutting the amount of work close to zero and releasing up time for other activities whether it is relaxing on the sofa or preparing other delicious foods to enjoy with your bread. .

Increasingly more people are starting to appreciate the benefits of purchasing a bread machine. A modern bread maker can help you save valuable time and some cash in the longer run, while enabling to switch to superior bread made of natural ingredients. That being said, the most complex part here is not making bread, it is choosing the right machine for your needs.

In our time, picking the right bread maker is not an easy task since the choice is literally overwhelming. The market is glutted with hundreds of bread machine models from dozens of manufacturers. When shopping for a modern bread maker, you need to pay attention to several key characteristics, such as features, convenience, blades, maintenance and accessories.

The West Bend 41300 is a highly customizable and powerful bread maker that offers quite a few unique features. This machine is great for preparing both dough and finished breads. The West Bend 41300 is a dual-blade breadmaker offering extra functionality not typically found in products prices in the same range. Boasting of 11-preset programs, 4 loaf sizes, a dual-blade design, and a handy knead-blade removal tool, this machine enables you to make fresh bread just in time for your breakfast, dinner or some special occasion.

West Bend 41300 Key Features

  • 11 pre-set programs
  • Dual-blade bread maker
  • 4 loaf sizes: a 1.0,  1.5, 2.0, or a 2.5 lb.
  • 3 Setting for the crust color
  • 12-hour delayed start timer
  • Super Rapid” cycle will bake a 2.0 lb. loaf in less than 2 hrs.
  • Non-adhesive baking pan
  • Recipe book and user manual enclosed
  • Measuring spoon and cup
  • Knead-blade removal tool
  • Size of the device: 18″ x 10.5″ x 11.5″

Ease of Use

41300 monitorWeighing around 16 pounds, one foot and a half tall, this device is slightly bigger than your average bread maker is. However, it is the ease of use that separates West Bend 41300 from its peers. After plug-in, you basically have to push the Menu button and select your desired cycle-that`s it. Some of the settings available are French, quick bake, dough, sweet, jam or sandwich. To select the desired crust shade, press the Temp button.

With the Loaf button, you can modify the size of the bread, from 1 pound up to 2.5 pounds. This specific option is available only in super rapid, basic, whole wheat, French, sandwich and sweet menu cycles. To launch a delayed end time, use the Time button. Please note, that you can also use this button when you need to regulate the timing of the phases when you run the Home Made cycle. You have a dedicated button called Process, which enables you to edit the knead, warm, rise and bake phases.

After you have chosen your preferred setting and tossed in all the components in the pan, hit the Start button.


We will list just some of the favorable traits that qualify the West Bend 41300 as a prominent member of its peer group:

Fixed paddles

Since the paddles are formed of high-quality materials, they remain indefectible for many years. Due to unique two-paddle design, West Bend 41300 does an excellent job mixing components together.

Horizontal Loaves

This machine can easily make horizontal loaves, comparable to those you buy at a store. Horizontally shaped breads are perfect for toast and sandwich making and typically come out soft and delicious.

Stress-free Operation & Cleaning

The control panel is pretty intuitive. Getting used to it will take no time. The West Bend 41300 is easily cleanable thanks to its non-adhesive surfaces.

The Downside

Just like any product on the market, the West Bend 41300 has some shortcomings that make it look less exciting. Selected customers have admitted the enclosed recipes were not the optimal, yet, to compensate for this, hundreds of other recipes and video instructions can easily be found online for this specific model. West Bend hi-rise breadmaker does not warm-up the pan, thus you need to use warm liquid to activate the yeast (beware of hot water that can kill the yeast).

Customer Feedback

westbend41300hirise-3Most online reviews of the West Bend 41300 are truly positive. You can easily look for customer reviews on the sites dedicated to baking in general, as well as on specific sites focusing on bread making machines. Do not neglect the chance of visiting the producer’s website for particular product details and complimentary bread maker manuals that you can print out.

As for critical comments, customers mentioned some issues of concern. The West Bend 41300 is equipped with two blades that will knead the dough very thoroughly ensuring that your bread will rise well and keep its shape – just  be cautious the two mixing blades do not tear apart your finished bread when you extract the loaf from the pan. Besides, when you bake a smaller loaf, this machine might need some degree of manual tuning to ensure the mixing blades don’t drive some of the ingredients asunder. Another critical concern about this bread maker is that it can become rather hot while in use.

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West Bend Bread Maker Parts, Support and Warranty Details

This kitchen gadget is offered with a one-year part-time warranty covering full replacement of the appliance. Numerous customers have rated the customer service department at West Bend very highly. To West Bend`s credit, positive testimonies came from all over the country and refer not only to the bread makers but also to other products of this manufacturer.

Summary & Recommendation

In short, the West Bend 41300 machine is a product in-a-class-by-itself that delivers what it promises and beyond for most customers.  The resourcefulness of this bread maker will give the artisan bread makers plenty of opportunities to fine-tune their artisanship. For a “big” bread-making machine, it will not cost you a fortune. All these amazing features make the West Bend 41300 a highly recommendable product.


West Bend 41300 Bread Machine