If you are looking for an affordable high end baking unit, the Sunbeam bread machine is your sure bet. Produced with the use of premium grade materials and advanced electronics, it offers a mix of reliable performance and long term performance.

There are some sunbeam bread machine recipes included with the package for you to use with the unit. Besides, you may want to get some accessories to improve your cooking experience even further.

Product description:

  • 12 cooking programs
  • ”Express Bread” mode for faster bread making up to 1hr
  • LED display & touch control panel
  • Accessible loaf size from 1.5 to 2.0 lb
  • Extra accessories, such as a hook, measuring cup and measuring spoon
  • 13-hour preset start timer
  • 600-watt bread machine with a programmable menu
  • Product dimensions: 14″ x 19″ x 13-1/2″

The sunbeam 5891 also boasts a crust setting function for baking aromatic, crispy homemade bread. In general, the menu with its easy-to-follow steps looks like this:

  1. Choose your bread type or baking cycles.
  2. Press the crust button to select the crust type: light, medium or dark.
  3. Press start to commence the operation.

Sunbeam pros and cons

What are the most noticeable advantages of the Sunbeam 5891?

  • The baking machine can be programmed for launch over the next 13 hours which is a great option if you want to enjoy the taste of fresh bread in the morning. If you are in a hurry, you use the speed mode to get your loaf in an hour;
  • Ever wanted to see how the bread is baked? Enjoy the view through a big transparent window!
  • You can set the device to produce a loaf with light, medium or heavy crust.

Sunbeam-LED-display-400-400In the sunbeam bread machine manual you will find a detailed guide on how to use the unit’s options. However, it should cause you no difficulties even if you are unfamiliar with the whole breadmaking thing. The panel has big buttons that are soft on the touch and screen with user friendly icons.

Some users may find the sunbeam breadmaker 5891 a bit too noisy in their opinion; this issue may arise if you don’t use a sufficient amount of liquid in your recipes. You may want to adjust the volumes of water if the problem persists. Other than that it is perfectly fit to use under conditions where excessive noise volumes are undesired.

Our customers’ testimonials

According to our customers’ reviews, most of the clients admitted that understanding the instructions of the sunbeam bread machine manual was quite manageable for them. To see the user manual for the Sunbeam 5891 2-pound programmable bread maker, you can log on to the Sunbeam Official Website by following this link where you can find more details about it. Furthermore, with sunbeam bread maker recipes included in the user manual, cooking bread will be as enjoyable as never before. Apart from a few customers who did not seem to be content with the sunbeam 5891 bread machine manual, yet a vast majority of the users were totally satisfied with it.

Ensuring noiseless operation is what makes the sunbeam 5891 one of the most desirable bread makers. Yet, it is not always as silent as it is expected to be, especially when it comes to kneading the loaves. This happens mainly because the dough lacks in sufficient amount of liquid that can be adjusted without a hitch by just adding more fluid next time you cook your bread.

Get familiar with the comparison prices for various sunbeam models available at our homepage.

Using Sunbeam is fun

5891The device can be used in a variety of ways – you can find a lot of sunbeam bread maker recipes on the web. You will definitely enjoy every moment you use the unit. If you want the machine to start working when you’re away from home (or sleeping), you can postpone a task by up to 13 hours.

The manufacturer ensures top notch performance with a one year warranty. If something goes wrong, the brand will substitute the device with a new one or provide a similar item if this model is no longer available. Please refer to the sunbeam 5891 manual for further instructions. However please note that the unit you used should not bare signs of misuse.

Overall the sunbeam 5891 2-pound programmable breadmaker is a great entry level option for the cooking enthusiasts who would always love to have a fresh loaf on their table.


Sunbeam 5891 bread machine