The Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29881 (white)/29882 (black) has by far a lot in common with Sunbeam 5891. Both of them are designed to bake as large as 1.5- 2-pound loaves of bread. In addition, they feature 12-cycle programmable menu that allows to choose not only among traditional bread varieties, such as plain white or whole-grain,  but also go for more unusual options, for example, dough only or jam mode. The bread maker is an ideal solution for the most discerning clients, including those suffering from gluten sensitivity, as it also offers settings for making gluten-free bread. Similar to the Sunbeam 5891, you may select the crust level — light, medium or dark — for your taste. More importantly, the Hamilton beach bread maker has the 13-hour delay start timer which makes it possible to commence the baking process at a certain time previously set by you.  This is particularly convenient if you need to toss in the ingredients to your dough prior to leaving, or receive fresh scented bread as soon as you awaken.

What is especially appealing about the Hamilton Beach bread machine is that it comes with an extra kneading paddle. There is certainly no need in using them both at a time, but, supposing that your kneading paddle becomes damaged, you do not have to worry where to seek for the new one to replace it.

hamilton beach 29881As a matter of fact, we had a great chance to test this baking machine and the results were really amusing. We noticed that once in a while the paddle might become separated which results in baking it inside the loaf. Not surprisingly, you may start to toss and turn about your kitchen in search of the paddle, presuming that you could have possible put it away somewhere and then completely forgot about it. Just in case if such situations  will ever occur in your life, before pulling out the paddle you had better keep in mind that it might be unbearably hot. Luckily, it is seemingly the only downside of the Hamilton Beach 29881/29882 you can turn your blind eye to, and probably the main feature that distinguishes this ideally priced bread maker from its more costly versions.

In most cases, when testing bread makers we mainly opt for not less than three various options.  As for the Hamilton Beach 29881/29882, we decided to select French bread, whole-grain bread, and dough only modes. When it comes to the dough, there is not much to say, apart from the fact that it actually works. So if making pizza is a commonplace for you, then without any doubt reasonably priced bread maker will be a smart purchase, even if you will never bake bread in it, but use it strictly for cooking pizza. Further, we got down to baking the French bread. But before doing that we looked into the user manual to check out the detailed instructions. We strongly recommend that the customers should adhere to the instructions included into the manual. Even if a customer has formerly used any other bread machine, he should not rule out the possibility that this particular bread maker will turn out to be a bit different. One more consideration of utmost importance is that adding the liquids should come first; afterwards you may toss in dry ingredients. So let’s go back to the baking of our French bread. After the sound beeper let us know that the bread was ready, we could not wait to taste it. When we finally did, the result was unexpectedly stunning. Why unexpectedly? Because we did not know what to expect from one of the most low-cost bread makers available on the market. Concerning the whole-grain bread, baking it was as easy as pie. Here we decided to try a recipe that contained nuts, so when the indicator signaled it was time to toss in nuts, we simply added a few just following the steps described in the manual. As with the French bread, the whole-grain bread appeared to be awesome as well.

hamiltonIf you have never had a chance to buy or bake bread using a machine, then the Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29881/29882 will certainly serve as a valuable and indispensable asset in your kitchen. With its low price, you do not have to doubt whether to get the bread maker straight away, or refrain from the purchase and keep on buying bread of questionable quality from the food store. If you are used to make bread on your own without the machine’s help, then you will definitely benefit from it once you start using it. Hand baking is always tedious and lengthy unless you have a personal chef to cook it for you. Moreover, the result might often be unpredictable, especially if your work is interrupted or you have messed up with right proportions. But using the bread machines will always guarantee you an infallible, blistering baking, and as a result, a perfectly cooked bread. Considering the Hamilton Beach bread maker 29881/29882 affordability and its simple menu, it is surely a perfect bread baker that is able to suit the needs of even the most inexperienced consumers.

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881/29882 Product Specifications

  • Offers 1.5- or 2-pound loaf capacity
  • Ensures a rectangular shape of the loaf
  • Allows obtaining bread within one hour of baking
  • Features 13-hour delay start timer
  • Available in two colors: white (29881) or black (29882)
  • Fitted with 12 programmable baking options: basic, French, gluten-free, whole grain, fast bread, bread, sweet, 1.5-pound express, 2-pound express, dough, jam, cake, and bake
  • Features 3 different crust choices: light, medium, dark
  • Has Add-in ingredient sound indicator
  • Houses an additional large view window at the upper part of the bread maker
  • The Hamilton Beach bread machine recipes, user manual, detachable pan and a pair of kneading blades are included into the bread maker set (one basic + one extra)


29881-06Solidly built the Hamilton Beach will offer you a myriad of amazing options, for baking both conventional and less common varieties of bread. A user-friendly menu of 12 customizable programs, 3 functions to select a crust according to your taste, a view window atop the bread machine, plus a cookery book full of splendid ideas and the Hamilton beach bread maker recipes – these and many other options are available for you at an affordable price. In our view, the Hamilton Beach 29881 is an excellent choice for those seeking for budget-friendly variants of bread machines, especially for people who are addicted to pizza, but too idle for preparing the dough for it by hand. Furthermore, using this outstanding baking machine will provide you with a variety of benefits, such as saving time and money, avoiding clutter in your cooking area, and above all, obtaining delicious homemade bread with the finest texture you have ever tried.


Hamilton beach 29881/29882 bread machine