What kind of customers is Cuisinart CBK200 bread machine designed for? As CBK-200 offers unchallenging, trouble-free operation, it can serve as a perfect solution for users who have never happened to use bread makers throughout their baking experience. Moreover, being an absolutely versatile unit in terms of functionality, it also allows the most resourceful cooks to create their exquisite bakery chef d’oeuvres.  Selecting the right size of the loaf (small, medium, or large) in accordance with your family needs is what makes Cuisinart CBK-200 similarly useful for both large and small families.

In Canadian Living Magazine’s view, this fascinating, multifaceted bread maker owes its popularity not only to the robust, highly durable design, but also to its finely finished, stainless-steel look which make the bread maker a perfect addition to the interior of any kitchen.

The Cuisinart CBK-200 Product Description

16 Pre-Set Menu Options

cbk200cpThe Cuisinart CBK-200 bread machine boasts more than 100 options, as well as customized pre-set menu of up to 16 programs for your comfort so that you could navigate among the most frequently used cycles and instantly choose the one you need. Above all, with such a great variety of settings, you do not have to stick to the pattern and content yourself with trivial varieties of bread, such as plain white or whole-wheat bread. Instead, you can try more refined bread recipes, such as artisan or Italian. You may also bake the bread to suit your special dietary needs and go for low-carb or gluten free bread choices, not to mention other useful settings (fast bake, only bake, pizza dough).

Convection Fan

Unlike other models that share identical features, the Cuisinart CBK-200 2-pound convection automatic breadmaker is equipped with a high-efficiency convection fan. The fan spreads air smoothly around the loaf, meanwhile synchronizing time with speed which allows achieving a perfectly baked loaf. The regular heat control allows you to obtain the bread with a crunchy brown crust and ultimate texture. Furthermore, you can select among three crust options to attain the color density that complies with your preferences.

Simplicity of Timing Settings

The bread maker is also fitted with the Add-in Ingredients Timer that produces a beeping sound once it is time to toss in extra ingredients into the dough, such as fruit, seeds or nuts. Alternately, you can set the bread maker to indicate the time when the dough paddle and the dough itself (if you decide on cooking the bread on your own) is to be taken out of the bread machine. With the practical, easy-to-use signal settings of the Cuisinart CBK-200, you will be definitely satisfied with your bakery results, even if you are new to machine baking.

Delay Start Timer

Once the ingredients are in the bread pan, you may either start baking or delay the cooking process up to 12 hours. The delay start timer function is a convenient option that provides you with the best possible timing to help you deliver fresh scented, warm bread to the dinner table.


The Cuisinart CBK’s design is rather a traditionally looking bread maker than a modern one. However, due its stainless steel finish and glazed buttons, it obviously can blend in even with more contemporary-styled furniture pieces.  The bread maker also houses a user-friendly, functional LCD screen, as well as solid, stay-cool handles which are a real delight for the hand and the eye.

Customers’ testimonials

Cuisinart CBK-200 bread maker was endorsed by many satisfied customers who rated it five stars on Amazon. In addition, a large number of people have expressed their approval of the bread maker for its superb baking capability, indigenous low carb and gluten free grogram, and a fabulous recipe book. But despite numerous positive reports, some customers claim it as being too hard to clean which is presumably associated with its black trim design.

Which.co.uk,  a product professional assessment website included the Cuisinart CBK-200 model in the top four list of bread machines that stand out among the rest of bread makers thanks to such features, as user-oriented settings, low level of noise and tasting characteristics for various types of bread.


Replacement parts and customers’ support

The Cuisinart CBK-200 qualifies for a three year limited warranty in case the failure of the bread machine occurs under its proper use and not caused by incidental or consequential damages. If you are discontent with the Cuisinart’s operation and it proves to be defective within a warranty period, then the manufacturer is bound to replace or repair it. Finding a paddle or a bread pan is not a problem as our replacement parts are always in stock at the Cuisinart online store. Our professional stuff will provide you with top-quality service and assist you in resolving any issues that arise from the usage of the bread machine. Our support team is available from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. every day, except weekends, and can be reached by phone or email.


The Cuisinart CBK200 bread maker provides its consumers with outstanding versatility due to its simple, customized programs, as well as its enjoyable look and sturdy design. Featuring a high-end convection fan along with multiple unconventional cycles for baking the most upscale varieties of bread, no wonder this particular model is thought to be one of the most sought-after bread makers on the market.  The Cuisinart CBK200 is an ideal solution for people who want to live healthy, save their time and enjoy appetizing bread for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once you have purchased the bread maker, check out some of our fantastic recipes at the end of the user manual.


Cuisinart CBK-200 Bread Machine