When you think about a reliable brand for state-of-the-art kitchen machines and fixtures you think about Cuisinart. Being on the market for a few decades, this manufacturer has created and enriched the art of cooking by producing highly valuable kitchen appliances for more than 35 years. Recently launched, the Cuisinart cbk-100 Bread Maker is a very promising new product that has great chances to become a bestseller. Rated 4+ stars out of 5 on most e-commerce and online review sites, this machine surpasses all expectations when it comes to utility, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Cuisinart CBK-100 Key Features

  • 12 Pre-set menu options
  • 3 Crust browning modes
  • 3 loaf size options: 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 lb
  • Measuring cup, measuring spoon, & recipe book included
  • 13-Hour delayed start timer
  • Pre-heat option on selected programs
  • Viewing window letting you monitor the status of the dough
  • Stay-cool holders
  • Detachable pan, lid, and paddle for fast cleaning
  • Power outage backup function that keeps the machine operational for another 15 minutes
  • Complimentary accessories: a measuring cup and measuring spoon
  • Dimensions: 18″ x 12.5″ x 15″
  • The user manual also contains a series of Cuisinart recipes for home bread making.


Cuisinart-CBK-100-controles-panUnquestionably, when you purchase a bread maker you mean to make your life easier, definitely not more complicated. Making bread with this machine is truly a walk in the park. Cuisinart programmable bread maker, the cbk-100 model has 12 preprogrammed menu options that allow you to prepare bread or some other items exceptionally fast. Let`s walk through some of these pre-set options:

French Bread: This option can be utilized for specialty bread requiring different rising and baking time.

Gluten Free Bread: You can utilize gluten-free flour and mixtures that have particular timing requirements

Dough Only: The best option if you intend to bake several loaves of bread simultaneously.

Cake: You can make your own sweet cake using this machine.

Rapid Bake: If you want to taste your bread as soon as possible, rapid bake allows you to shrink your baking time considerably.

The Cuisinart cbk-100 is a low-maintenance machine both in usage and in cleaning. You will get accustomed to the intuitive and particularly user-friendly control panel in no time; hence preparing a loaf of fresh bread will turn into a one-minute job. It is a general belief that bread makers require serious effort to clean. While it may well be true, the Cuisinart cbk-100 is an exception to the rule. Because of its anti-adherent pan, you will save valuable time each time you clean it. Wash the pan in lukewarm water and soap. It is sufficient to wipe other parts of the unit with a wet cloth, no further washing required.

Because Cuisinart bread maker cbk-100 (and its variety cbk-100 18) is easy to use, just nearly anyone can handle it. This machine is ideal for teaching the kids about baking, only under supervision, of course. At its maximum capacity, the Cuisinart cbk-100 2-pound programmable breadmaker can make sufficient bread for a bigger family and save you some money by doing so.

Measuring tools such as a cup and a spoon, as well as a recipe collection for diverse breads and jams are included with the Cuisinart cbk-100 programmable breadmaker; you will need all of those to quantify the components and toss them in.

What Customers Are Saying: Cuisinart Bread Maker Review

It is not only us praising Cuisinart bread machine, there are plenty of happy customers sharing good things about the cbk-100. Numerous customers have reviewed the Cuisinart cbk-100 on Amazon.com, making it one of the top-ranked product among its peers. One delighted customer is saying, “The dough and bread came out perfectly each time.” Another home bread aficionado says cbk-100 was “super easy to use.” Another reviewer with special diet needs noted the cbk-100 was “the best for baking a gluten-free bread.” Browse through to see what other happy users had to say about Cuisinart cbk-100 and follow-on models Cuisinart cbk-200 and cbk-200 17 on Amazon.

People are also very satisfied with this bread machine because it handles additional components exceptionally well. Whether it’s cheese, fruits, or nuts, Cuisinart cbk-100 can make your bread come out gorgeous. They also appreciate the fact that Cuisinart bread maker is manufactured using top-quality materials making it solid and long lasting.

The only concern that has ever been expressed about the Cuisinart cbk-100 programmable breadmaker is that, in some cases, the bread came out too compressed, with a sunken center as a result of the poorly rising yeast. Yet, this problem was primarily due to the use of universal-purpose flour in the appliance rather than bread flour manufactured for use in a breadmaker. As soon as customers shifted to bread flour, the problem was solved.

Spare Parts, Support and Warranty Information

Cuisinart provides a limited three-year warranty on cbk-100, so ensure that you register your device online and fill out the warranty form immediately after the purchase. Cuisinart customer support team is easy to reach online via filling out of customer request form, as well as on the phone via calling their toll-free 800 number.

Summary & Recommendation

Cuisinart-CBK-100We believe that homemade bread aficionados everywhere will love the Cuisinart cbk-100. It is a compact appliance that will fit into anyone’s kitchen, from moms to bachelors. You can teach the kids some baking lessons and become a happier family in the process. Use the timer button to wake up to the smell of the yummy fresh bread. Easy to use and easy to care for, cbk-100 is easy to fall in love with. Other bread maker manufacturers offer only a 1-year warranty. Cuisinart guarantees three years of carefree use. This remarkable bread maker hits the market with a part-time three-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind about your investment. Cuisinart bread machine clearly outcompetes the competition on most parameters!

If you cannot decide between the Cuisinart cbk-100 and Cuisinart cbk200 bread maker, see more details here. Cuisinart cbk-200 2-pound convection automatic breadmaker is a sought-after product launched just recently.


Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread Maker