No doubt, the Breville BBM800XL is the best bread machine on the market. It is a true bread maker champion. No other bread maker can match it for capacity, technology or customization. Though it is a rather big machine, which may seem to be its drawback, it is characterised by the tremendous power. In short, it is an inexpressibly beautiful and powerful tool.

The Breville bread machine is characterised by the perfect design; it is made of steel. The machine is of a rectangular form; there is the huge LCD display, surrounded by nice-looking buttons, near the lid. For you to have the opportunity to observe the processes of mixing, kneading, rising and baking, its lid is equipped with a large window. Besides, it is the only bread machine, provided with a special dispenser, designed for adding nuts and fruit to the dough during the beating period. Due to this feature, such ingredients are inserted automatically, so you do not need to do that by hand. It is really handy, as you can go about your business, and the machine will do everything for you.

Speaking about the blades, the Breville BBM800X is equipped with a removable blade, so it won`t stick to the dough and the baked loaves will not have those ugly holes in the bottoms. Isn`t that a nice feature? Besides, this bread making machine comes with an additional blade, you can use it for making jam. One should also note that this bread maker is really versatile, it has 13 various settings, the most outstanding ones comprise crusty load, gluten-free and yeast-free. You can also adjust all the settings by yourself if you wish.

The Review of the Breville BBM800XL

bbm800xlpartsBBM800XL is justly recognised as the smartest bread making machine. If to compare bread makers with mobile phones, this machine is a top-level smartphone. First of all, its screen is really huge. Unlike operating other bread machines, you do not need to push plenty of buttons to select the cycles, in order to see your choice on the screen it is enough to turn the major handle. It is awesome! Besides, its screen looks nice due to the blue background illumination, matching the overall design of the tool. The only “uncomfortable” point is that it takes much space. And if you do not have much free space in your kitchen you have to solve this problem. So, be sure to find some extra space on your counter beforehand.

We suppose that the most exciting feature of this bread maker is the automatic nut and fruit dispenser. There is no other bread machine, equipped with such a function. It is the innovation of Breville. This feature is especially convenient for those users, who like adding different ingredients to bread. In fact, this bread making machine adds ingredients to the dough at the right moment by itself; you just need to put them into the dispenser beforehand. It is really cool, since you do not need to hang around to do that by yourself. Actually, you can set the delay timer and go to the shop or enjoy walking in the park and the BBM800XL will bake fruit bread by itself and you can enjoy fresh fragrant bread on return. Isn`t that cool?

Zojirushi has been the leader of the market of bread making machines for a long time. Still, having used the Breville BBM800XL, we have learned at first hand that this machine is as high-grade as the Zojirushi ones. And we are really happy to realise that now we have more options to choose from.

To sum it all up

To sum up our Breville bread maker review, we should admit that this bread making machine is the noteworthy option. It is a beautiful and functional device. It is characterised by the wide range of useful functions and settings, including even an automatic nut and fruit dispenser. And the most important thing is that it produces delicious bread, which justifies its being top-rated.

The Characteristics of the Breville BBM800X in Short

  • Produces rectangular loaves, which weigh 1-2.5 pounds
  • The baking process lasts 3 hours; it has a timer with a 13-hour delay
  • Equipped with an automatic ingredient dispenser
  • Provided with two different blades (a removable one, leaving no hole in the bottom of a loaf, and one, designed for making jam)
  • Beautiful spotless steel design
  • Characterised by a huge window
  • Equipped with 13 settings: basic, custom, rapid, whole wheat, crusty loaf, gluten-free, sweet, dough, yeast-free, pasta, pizza, jam, bake only
  • Provided with a recipe book, a manual, a removable bread pan with a single blade attachment


bbm800xlYou cannot even imagine how much we like this bread making machine. We just adore this bread maker. It combines such crucial aspects as the beautiful design, using high technology, working quietly, durability; in addition, it is user-friendly. In fact, we can run on four hours, describing the advantages of this high-grade bread machine. The only point about it, which we do not like too much, is its price (about $250). Still, the high-quality bread makers like the Zojirushi ones (which produce really delicious bread, both looking and tasting nice) are sold at the similar price. Anyway, if you plan to constantly bake bread, you will surely save some money; so it justifies the price of the bread maker. To sum up, the Breville BBM800XL is a nice-looking multi-functional bread making machine, producing delicious bread. Due to the wide range of its advantages, it is the market leader. This model of a bread maker is, undoubtedly, worth considering and purchasing.


Breville BBM800XL Bread Machine