Before we get to the reviews of the best gluten free bread machines, let’s talk a bit about the problem that these devices are supposed to solve.

beer-bread-bread-machine-jules-gluten-freeThe word ‘gluten’ is often mentioned today when we speak about healthy nutrition. It is a protein that wheat contains (along with many other grain sorts). The recent research shows that approximately 1 in 16 people suffer from gluten intolerance which means their digestive system rejects it, and consequences may be harsh. The topic became widely spread in social media as the problem came into focus over the past few years.

There is actually much more to this problem than just 6% of the population suffering from a relatively rare disease. Many more people have difficulties digesting gluten as well. The most common solution is a diet that excludes bread and any related products (which is not the best solution, to say the least, because a person has to impose strict limit on what he or she eats).

But the good news is that you can bake your very own healthy loaf with a gluten free bread machine. What should you know to pick the device that actually suits your needs? Find out more in this detailed review.

Use a special mode for consistent result

There is an extremely wide variety of bread machines in the modern market, yet a relatively small amount has a special gluten free bread mode. You should keep an eye open for devices from the famous brands, such as Home Bakery and Cuisinart – they have proven that they produce the top quality devices in the market.

Check the cycle length

One of the primary things to check before making up your mind about the gluten free bread maker is the length of the gluten free cycle compared to the other modes. The gluten free bread takes longer to bake since it has a higher level of moisture content. If the cycle is not long enough, the resulting product will be sort of mushy which you would generally want to avoid.

Surface coating

You have to use a good pan with non-sticky surface coating. The dough for gluten free products often contain gum ingredients which make the substance extremely sticky when soaked. You will generally have much diffculty removing those from the surface unless you get the right accessories. Though nothing lasts forever, you have to check if the pan is suitable for this sort of recipes, or you may soon have to replace the unit.

Powerful motor is crucial

You should also be aware that the gluten free dough is rather tough. Thus, the baking machine should be outfitted with a motor that is strong enough to work with this sort of material. A device with insufficient power units won’t be able knead the whole thing and produce high quality result.

While your bread machine needs to be able to generate sufficient force to knead your gluten free bread dough appropriately, it also must not overdo it. Gluten free bread dough must not be kneaded for the same length of time as dough containing gluten or it will become bread with a poor texture after baking. Make sure your bread machine’s gluten free cycle doesn’t knead your dough for too long.

However, the raw material should not be exposed to the blades for an extended period of time, if you don’t want to spoil the bread’s texture. The gluten free dough should be mixed as long as the regular one. It is highly recommended to check the cycle length before making the purchase.

Even heating is important to produce a consistent result. The material for your healthy loaf of bread is a bit fussier than the standard one which means it should be exposed to an even temperature. Low quality heating element may ruin the whole experience for you.

Listed below you will find the best gluten free bread machine reviews.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20

PAC20This brand can boast long-lasting reputation earned for producing the most reliable solutions in the market. The BB-PAC20 is an example of Zorujishi expertise. The twin kneading blades provide all the necessary power to produce a fine result. The only thing that may actually let you down is the lifespan of the non-sticky coating but it’s long enough considering the moderate price.


Cuisinart CBK-100

cbk-200This brand has not been around as long as the one listed above, hence it can’t boast such a reputation; yet, it offers a good combination of affordable pricing and long lasting quality for its bread machine gluten free. A signature feature of this particular series is a large amount of settings and options. If you like to be in total control over the process, it may very well be your best choice.

Handful tips for your gluten free recipes


Let’s get straight to the point – gluten IS an important component of bread, it makes the dough elastic. What you will be trying to do is to substitute it with something similar in structure, yet totally harmless. So, there is much more to making a gluten free loaf than simply choosing the best bread machine for gluten free bread.

If it is your very first time making such a commitment, you’d probably want to start with some simple recipe. For instance, you may want to use rice flour since it is more suitable for beginners than the other dough types. Remember that your aim is not to produce bread that matches the qualities of a traditional gluten-containing bread, but to create a decent substitute.

You will also want to use high quality ingredients from the top brands in the market, such as King Arthur or Bob’s Red Mill. Though the definitely cost more than standard products, they also offer better quality. Using underpriced ingredients may result in poor results.

You will find a lot of gluten free recipes on the web. Start making gluten free bread today!