We are happy to see you on Bread Machine Pros; it is the website, where we share our knowledge of bread making machines! We call ourselves pros, because we have become real experts at bread machines in the last year. A year ago we made up our mind to buy a bread machine for Dan, our friend, as he had a housewarming. The point was that we couldn`t choose the best bread maker. So we started buying and trying the tools, produced by different manufacturers; we have actually arranged small bakeries in our kitchens. It should be noted that we are fond of cooking, so we have enjoyed all those experiments. This website is the result of our investigation; here you can find plenty of bread maker reviews, disclosing the pros and cons of every model.

bread makesYou will surely find some interesting and useful information on our website. In case you are planning to purchase such a device, reading our reviews will help you choose the best bread machine. If you already have a bread machine, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with our guides, tips and other materials. After having explored all the articles, provided, you will become a true Bread Machine Pro, too!

The Three Best Bread Machines Today

Comparing with the bread machines, which were in use ten years ago, modern machines are characterised by a wider range of settings. Today`s bread machines can be used for baking all kinds of bread and they are more serviceable. Besides, you don`t need to spend too much money to repair them.
Baking bread at home takes a good deal of time unless you use a bread machine. And it frequently goes wrong.

But using a bread machine you can enjoy flavourful tasty fresh bread every day. A bread machine will mix ingredients, beat dough and bake it. You don`t need to spend an inordinate amount of time on baking any more.

How to Choose the Best Bread Maker: Tips

What are the main criteria, which one should take into consideration, while choosing a bread machine? Some people pay attention to the colour or design of a bread maker, but we have worked out the list of key characteristics, worthy of attention. Reading it will surely help you determine the best bread machines. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Buying Guide, specifying all the major characteristics of bread makers.

Bread size. In general, today`s bread machines can bake loaves, weighing 1-3 pounds. Bear in mind that you should finish eating such bread within 2 days after baking (unlike store-bought bread, you may keep eating it within a week), so you need to bake the corresponding amount of bread and take it into consideration when choosing a bread maker. In case you have the family, consisting of 4 people, a 2-pound loaf will be enough for you.

Bread shape. Today`s bread makers can bake loaves of all sorts of shape. So, determine what kind of loaves you would like to get (rectangular, round, square, vertically long or horizontally long) and choose a suitable bread machine.

Bread pan. The majority of bread makers are equipped with removable bread pans and single or dual kneading paddles. Still, there are bread makers, equipped with pans, which are not removable. Be sure to buy the one, which has a removable pan, as it is much easier to clean such bread machines. Using a machine, equipped with an aluminium bread pan, you will get loaves with lighter and thinner crusts. It is also advisable to choose a pan, which has an antistick coating; in such a case your dough will not stick to the pan and will be properly beaten.

Best reviews. That`s not worth mentioning that opinions vary. Still, it is advisable to explore bread machine reviews as they are written by the people, who have used these machines, and they may disclose some important features of the devices. So familiarize yourself with reviews and learn other users` opinions about the models, which you like. The bread machine ratings, which you can find on Bread Machine Pros, will also help you determine the best rated bread machine.

The Best Bread Makers By Category

1. Best Affordable Bread Machine – for those, who have limited budgets.
2. Best Bread Maker for Baking Gluten Free Bread – best for baking delicious gluten-free bread.
3. Best Horizontal Bread Maker – best machines for baking horizontal loaves.
4. Best Big Bread Maker – for big families.
5. Best Small Bread Maker – for those, who are single, for pairs, and small families.

How to Use a Bread Machine

how to useIn this section you can find some useful recommendations, concerning using bread makers. If you follow these tips, your bread will be tasty and your bread maker will operate properly. So, be sure to familiarize yourself with our guide, named How To Use A Bread Machine, disclosing 10 steps of operating such a device.

Stick to the instructions. Each bread maker operates differently, so each of them is equipped with a manual, disclosing all the necessary specifications. Be sure to follow them. For example, in general, you should add liquids prior to dry ingredients, but bread makers differ. Baking bread is a complicated process, so if you do something in the wrong way, your bread will be spoilt. Our recommendation: while using any machine, ensure that yeast is not mixed with liquid until your bread maker starts mixing ingredients; otherwise a fermentation process will go wrong.

Be sure to clean a bread maker before using it for the first time. There can be some dust left in the machine or you can feel an unpleasant smell. So clean it, as you will use this device to make meals. Probably, you don`t want your first loaf to be made of dust, so be sure to clean your bread maker. To do it run your machine with a glass of water and an open lid; this way you will get rid of any dust or smells, left after manufacturing.

Ensure ingredients are at indoor temperature. In fact, some bread makers are equipped with a function, allowing ingredients to come to indoor temperature before beating. Such devices just wait for a particular period of time after you switch them on. Still, not all the bread makers have such a function. In such a case you should make sure that all the ingredients, including flour, water, butter, and eggs, are at room temperature.

Remove a kneading paddle. Using most bread machines, you will get loaves with unpleasant holes at the bottoms. As dough is kneaded and baked in the same pan, a kneading blade just gets stuck to the bottom of a loaf. In case you have a bread maker with a removable kneading blade, you can remove it after a beating process is finished. Some bread machines even produce a sound signal having finished kneading. This function is designed for you to know when to remove a blade. So take this function into account while choosing a bread maker.

Take a loaf out of the machine at once after baking. You will get the best loaf in case you remove it immediately after the cycle is finished. Although most bread machines are equipped with a “keep warm” function, using it will change the texture of your bread. So try to remove your bread from the bread maker and cool it at once. You should also avoid slicing warm bread as it will get moisty and not “spongy”.

Wash a pan by hand. Sure, it is much easier to use a dishwasher to clean a pan, but it is advisable to prefer using mild detergent and a sponge. In case you scratch an antistick coating, your bread will be constantly sticking to the pan.

What for Do People Need Bread Makers?

bread machines

Surely, bread machines are mostly used for making bread. People may use bread machines in order to avoid eating store-bought bread or to control the process of baking and ingredients, used, or to save money (as gluten-free products cost much!). Still, bread machines aren`t used exclusively for baking bread.

For example, you can use such a device for making dough as all bread makers are equipped with the functions, allowing one to mix, beat and ferment dough.

So, you may use your bread machine for making dough for pizza, cookies or any other pastries and bake it in the oven afterwards. This way you will get proper dough and your hands and clothes will stay clean. Keep in mind that a “bake” setting comprises all the processes, ranging from mixing ingredients to baking bread.

In fact, bread makers can replace a range of tools such as hand mixers, stand mixers, and ovens. And we should say they perform the functions of all the devices, mentioned, in a good way. For example, you can use them for baking cakes, as most bread makers are equipped with “cake” settings. It is very convenient to have a bread maker if you live in a small flat or house, as you do not need to buy and install all these tools; it saves space.

And speaking about the best bread makers, they can be used to make other meals, too. So, most bread machines can make jam. And speaking about the Panasonic SD-BMS105-SW, which is one of the top rated bread machines, it can cook such Japanese foods as brioche, mochi, udon, red bean bread, steamed bread, and “melon pan”.